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'Letter's Overdue' Video from Don Brown and Ozark Mtn. Trio Tribute Show

Here's a video of Letter's Overdue with The Ozark Mountain Trio Tribute. The band features sole surviving member of the 1960-70s era of Don Brown & The Ozark Mountain Trio, Ray Gore. He is 82 years of age in this video recorded by Travis Hathaway on January 5th, 2018. This Tribute took place at Missouri Area Bluegrass Committee's 36th Annual Winter Bluegrass Festival at The Holiday Inn Six Flags- Eureka, MO, as mentioned in the previous blog. Band members are: Leevon DeCourley-Bass, Ray Gore-Guitar, Zach Hardesty-Banjo, Gerald Jones-Fiddle, CJ Lewandowski-Mandolin, and Bob Minner-Guitar. Hope y'all enjoy!

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